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Let's measure things around us with unique objects and have fun!

Supported devices:iPhone / iOS15 or above

Measure Anything

Using Animals

"Measuranimal" is an entertaining AR measuring app that enables you to measure anything from furniture to buildings using animals. 

What is "Measuranimal"?

How to use the app?

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AR Animal Measuring

 Measure anything by comparing it to the size of various animals

Multiple ways to measure

Measure length, area and volume of any object

Capture objects

Create your own 3D objects to measure with

Take a unique picture/video

Don't forget to take a picture or video after measuring

Gotanda Building 3F,

2-25-1 Nishigotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan


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Measure anything, no matter how big it is!

Tap the button at the start point of the object you want to measure and tap again at the end. The 3D measuring objects will appear after that.

Scan objects and measure with them

This app has a 3d scanning function that lets you capture 3d objects. After scanning, you will be able to use the object to measure things.

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